How It Works

The quickest way to inform your retail customers about sales, new products, or important announcements is by using

Turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer by offering text message coupons. In addition, reverse a slow day into a busy day. ALL this can be simply done, using our platform.

Have your retail customers’ opt-in to your contact list by sending your Keyword to our short code (555999). Offer sales and promotions to the customers that have shown loyalty to your brand. Normally, retail stores would send out mailers for it to just get discarded; which costs money. Since most people travel with their mobile phones, you can attract them to your retail promotions; knowing that there is a 94% chance they will read it!

Offer promotional sales to first time buyers or to those that join your mobile list.

Send alerts to existing customers on new sales and new products for them coming back for business.

Get rid of your old inventory but sending out a “clearance sale” text message to your mobile database.