How It Works

Churches / Ministries / Social

Send text alerts to your religious or social followers; keep them in the loop on all activities that may be going on.

Remember, emails, in today’s culture, are considered junk and rarely read. If people do not read their emails, your event probably already passed and they did not attend. TextForLess can resolve this issue for you.

Here are a number of things you can broadcast with our text message marketing service:

  • Church events – Make sure the turnouts in your church events are filled with your followers. Send reminders on all religious activities.
  • Send daily words – Text message your group with spiritual messages that they can apply to their daily lives. Encourage them daily, even though they are not at church.
  • Alert members – Instantly alert a congregation of important news and changes in schedule.
  • Fundraiser announcements – Increase donations by sending monthly text notifications to remind followers to contribute.

Communicate with members of any social organization instantly. works great with all sorts of organizations: Greek Organization, Sport teams, Scholastic clubs, Book clubs, Youth groups, etc...