How It Works

Bars / Nightclubs / Promoters

Keep your venue packed. Text message marketing is the best solution for you to stay busier than other surrounding venues.

Many nightclubs and bars are already using text message marketing; if you don’t, you’ll find yourself behind and playing catch-up. Advertise your drink specials and events taking place each night you are open. Do not wait until your customers have already decided to go elsewhere that night; get their attention before they are get ready & make them come to your party!

Remember that’s pricing is extremely lower than our competitors & only costs you pennies!

Collect Mobile Numbers

Collect numbers at the door prior to entry; strategically this is most effective to get the most opt-in. You can consistently reach 100’s to 1000’s of potential customers every day you are open. As a nightclub owner or promoter, do not let each night pass without capturing all your patrons’ mobile numbers. Offer discounted entry or free drink when they text-2-join your campaign. If you’re giving away free entry in exchange for a mobile number, 9 out of 10 times that patron will give you their mobile number than have to pay for admission.

Advertise your text-2-join campaign:

  • Sign-up sheets inside the club
  • Offer drink specials or entry discounts at the door. Once the customer opts in & receives a “Welcome Note” (Example: Thank you for joining Tabu Nightclub VIP text list. Stay updated) from your Keyword, hand them the offer you are implementing that night.
  • Display on your TV’s or screens. Customers tend to stare at TV’s at least once during the night so your text-2-join campaign is very effective when you broadcast it this way.
  • Place our web opt-in widget on your website.
  • Posters and signs inside your nightclub/bar

*Please note: when using Text-2-Join campaigns, the customer will receive a “Welcome note”. Once they receive this message, they are automatically place in your database for future updates.*

Broadcast your event

Send a text message out to your list with your daily specials or weekly events. If there’s a special event, create a buzz by sending out a mass text message campaign a few days before the event. Encourage your customers to forward your message to theirs friends so your event will succeed.