How It Works

Restaurants and all food establishments can easily reap the benefits by using; financially and building great customer relation.

When you predict business will be slower than normal, instantly send out a text message campaign that will give your loyal customers a special for lunch, dinner, happy hour, or anything else you decide to market. In addition, watch a slow, rainy day turn into a profitable day.

Another benefit for restaurant owners to use text message marketing is simply to keep your customers happy. With the promotion offers you send them, they will feel welcomed and special with for their patronage in your establishment; customer service as you know is important for any business.

Display a text-2-join Keyword on your menu’s, posted signs, table tents, and your website. Make sure your offer is attractive enough to have customers happily join for the incentive of a discount, free food item, or complimentary drinks. Automatically, they are added into your contact list for future text message campaigns you send.

Collect numbers from other methods

  • Have a line printed on the bottom of the receipt check for their mobile number to be filled out
  • Add the web opt-in widget to the Sign Up page on your website or Facebook
  • Raffle off prizes where customers must give you their mobile numbers to enter

Broadcast your offer

Provide alerts to your customers on special sales you are offering. Keep your loyal customers updated on items that may be new on the menu. Send out promotional texts often to keep your customers coming back to your establishment, as opposed to your competition. With an enticing offer and just a few clicks, turn your slow business days into days where you will see customers flow in!