Mobile works! It’s just that simple.

We hate to tout statistics, but the numbers don’t lie.

We’ve got 320 million perfectly good reasons why you should agree.


Why should you be incorporating mobile in to your marketing strategy? Well, let’s take a look at the facts (they speak for themselves). Mobile can no longer be overlooked when it comes to your marketing strategy. Did you know that there are almost a MILLION Android device activations, EVERY SINGLE DAY? With access to powerful mobile devices, and high speed data connections, consumers no longer consume content the same way that they used to. If you want to reach your target audience, you have to reach them wherever THEY are, and the best way to do that is by reaching them on a device that they never leave home without – their cell phones. Ask yourself this question... Have you ever left your home, and realized shortly afterwards that you forgot your cell phone, and then immediately turned back around to get it? Our cell phones connect us to the world, and the people that we need to communicate with on a day to day basis. Without them, we feel disconnected. With text message marketing, you can reach EVERYONE in your target audience, EVERY TIME, no matter WHERE THEY ARE, or WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

Reach Your Target, Every Single Time

Did you know that 94% percent of text messages are read by their recipients, and 90% of them are read within the first five minutes? Imagine sending out a text message to every single person in your target audience and being CERTAIN that they saw your message. Well, you can now, without ever having to worry about where they are, or what they are doing. Simply send them all a Text Message through our system.

Extremely High ROI

Just for comparison purposes here, the cost of a postage stamp in the U.S. is currently at 45 cents, and direct mail is one of the LESS expensive forms of marketing. Unfortunately though, the open rate for direct mail is extremely low and your investment winds up in the trash. The costs of traditional media are, for some businesses, entirely way too high. What other solutions are out there? Mobile! The cost of a text message, with TextForLess, can be as low as just a COUPLE PENNIES. The response rate? Well, text messages have an average read rate of 94%, with typical response rates in the range of 25-30% (with a few cases where they have been as high as 70%!)

It’s Very Easy to Get Started

Text Message Marketing is extremely easy to get started with. You can use the TextForLess platform to start sending messages to your contacts, literally, in less than a couple minutes after signing up. Text Message Marketing is extremely cost effective, and very easy to do. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of incorporating mobile in to your marketing strategy. It’s really as simple as creating a message, selecting your contacts/groups, and clicking “Send”. You can also set up a “Keyword” - e.g. Text (YOUR BUSINESS NAME) to 555999 to get (PROMOTIONAL OFFER) – in literally less than ONE MINUTE, and start building a database, and generating NEW business/leads. Sign up for an account today… considering all of the facts, you really can’t afford not to!