How It Works

How to increase contact list does not sell mobile numbers of any kind to our users. However, it is quite easy to increase your list of contacts through numerous effective ways.

Remember, your objective is to get as many numbers as possible. This will increase the amount of people interested in your product or service, which ultimately will increase revenue!


This is when you gather information where there are lots of people at a particular place or maybe at your own event. Have them fill out a sign-up sheet, but at the same time, offer an incentive to increase your chances on having more people sign-up. Make sure they are fully aware that they are giving their information (mobile number) for your future use. You DO NOT want to spam as it will annoy consumers and negatively impact your entity.

Point of Sale

The best way of gathering information is from customers that you know are already interested in your product or service. Since they obviously like your product (they are paying for it already), inform the customer that you will send them future promotions/alerts by collecting their mobile number.


Use the incentive of coupons & discounts to lure customers to your mobile campaign list. Give them something for joining! This is probably the most effective way to increase your contact list. Customize your coupon to your liking but remember to come up with something that you know will attract your customers. For example, “Text TextForLess to 555999 to get 30% of your next monthly bill!”


Raffle off something to capture contacts to your list. Use a text message campaign to give away prizes; such as tickets to a sporting event, vacation trip, money, etc. When users send in a Keyword to enter in your sweepstakes, they will instantly be joined into your contact list for later advertisements. You, then, choose a random winner in your account. Bigger the prize, the greater your response will be. For example: “Text RAFFLE to 555999 to win a brand new car!”

Web Forms

All of our accounts come with a web opt-in form, which allows you to display on your website to gather information from your visitors. Post this on all your websites and get their information from potential customers that are browsing or who are looking to receive information about your products or services.

These are just a few ways to increase your contact list out of many. Get creative; you may have another way to capture more numbers. Customers, who are interested in your product or service, will always like to be informed and give you their consent. The primary goal is to build up your database, PERIOD!

Purchasing lists from 3rd party sources is something that we do not suggest. It will be expensive and can cause you problems. The customer did not give you permission to receive your text messages so you do not want to spam customers. Your entity reputation will become negative and potentially affect your sales. Build your own list.