How It Works

7 Reasons for using us

7 reasons for using

EFFICIENT & Affordable!’s platform uses “express” delivery when our texts are sent, as opposed to most of our competition that use “standard “delivery. Express delivery will reach your contacts in a quicker rate with higher reliability; standard delivery is the opposite. Standard delivery may reach your end users hours later or may be not even at all.

Our pricing (using express delivery) is almost the same rate as our competitors using standard delivery. Why spend your money on bad quality, for the same price?

Get Personal

Text message marketing ensures that it reaches your customers no matter where they are. Also helps you become “personal” with your customers. This type of advertising is unmatched.


Each text message sent will only cost you pennies; compared to direct mail that can cost over $1.00. While text message marketing is fairly a new way of advertising, many businesses are already using this. Stay current with your competitors before it is too late. Remember you are sending text messages to customers that are already interested in your product or service because they opted-in to receive these offers or messages from you. This will save your advertising dollars because you will avoid wasting money on customers that are NOT interested in your product/service.

Quick advertising put to work

Let’s say that today will be a rainy day and you decide to run a last minute promotion to increase your traffic flow. No more waiting for print copies or waiting for your staff to do sales calling and annoying your customers. You can send out a new text message campaign in just a few minutes.

High Redemption Rate

Text message marketing has an extremely high return rate; 25% to 70% redemption rate (compared to only 2% from direct mail, TV, or radio). Your marketing budget put to work and you will see it.

Messages are actually being read

Text messages that are sent have a 94% opening rate and 90% of those are viewed within the first 5 minutes. No other type of advertising compares; less than 30% of emails sent are even opened.

While emails are lengthy & wordy, text messages are straight to the point, which is why there’s a 94% opening rate. Text messages are limited to 160 characters; if you keep your text message campaigns short and sweet…your customers will respond.

Evaluate your other advertising choices

Use text mobile marketing to measure up and scope your other advertising. If you are currently running direct mail, newspaper, TV or radio ads, you can place your text-to-join Keyword to let you know which one is producing and which one is not.