How It Works

Advertising your campaign

The goal is to be visible and get as much exposure as possible, which will greater your results when using text message marketing.

We have listed just a few ways you can advertise your mobile campaign.

Flyers/Brochure handouts

Display a mobile campaign on your print material and advertise a text-to-join campaign. Use some of our ideas that we mentioned in our “How Do I increase my list of contacts?” section to increase your response to the printed flyers or brochures.

Facebook / Twitter / YouTube Videos

Social media is an excellent way to broadcast your text message marketing campaign (typically your Keyword) to customers. Send Twitter updates to your followers or status updates to everyone that “LIKED” your Facebook page about your text-to-join Keyword. You can also make a YouTube video; putting your Keywords in the video and explaining your product or service.


Large publication can reach 10’s of thousands of readers that will be interested in your text message marketing campaign. These big advertisement avenues are excellent. Even if you are a local business; putting your information on local magazines/newspapers will target customers that you were not able to reach.

Radio Stations

Put your keyword at the end of a radio station advertisement and we guarantee you will engage listeners to join your contact list. Expand your reach; many of our clients have been successful using radio stations.


Attract existing and potential customers on your own website about your text message marketing campaign. They logged on for a reason (they are interested in your product or service) so now you have to get their mobile number!