How It Works

You may ask how a real estate agent can use Simple!

Many buyers hunting for property want property specs but come across communication problems; they call the number on the picket sign on the front lawn and no one answers. They get deterred with this and do not continue to pursue the property. We don’t want you to lose these potential buyers.

Have customers text a property Keyword to our short code (Example: Text “Property12” to 555999) to receive instant property information (amount of bedrooms/bathrooms, square footage, property price, etc). Display this on a property sign on the front lawn or your real estate agency’s window.

When a potential buyer does this, their contact number can be sent to your email or your personal mobile number. Now you have the ability to call them directly for a follow up or to answer any questions they may need answered.

Use these contacts (that will be automatically added to your contact list) for future new listings and properties they may be interested in.