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Pharmacies / Doctors

Pharmacies / Doctors

The Healthcare industry is all about proper communication with provider and patient, which can improve.

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Frequently, patients forget to take their medication or forget to refill them and 75% of Americans do not take their medications as directed. Since Americans are always with their mobile phones, their meds can be taken on time with the proper dosage; which can better patient health & lower lawsuits. Why not use text message marketing to send reminders to your patients? Does not sound smart, not to.

Text messaging marketing benefits the entire healthcare industry – dentists, doctors, opticians, chiropractors, pharmacists, and many more.

Collect patient mobile numbers

  • Include a required field for mobile number in the paperwork a patient fills out

  • Poster signs on your bulletin board and walls

  • Table tents in patient waiting area

  • Vocally asking them for their mobile number and explaining them the benefits of doing so

Broadcasting your medical reminders

  • Schedule appointment alerts to remind patients. Using text messaging will lower the number of no-shows and reduce all costs associated with canceled appointments

  • Alert them on other programs your facility may be offering patients

  • Alert them that you are giving FLU SHOTS

  • Prescription pick up - Lower the amount of drugs being left by patients in your pharmacy

  • Prescription refill reminders

  • Health tips

  • Any medical discounts that you are offering to increase patient traffic