How It Works

How Works’s pricing is less than any of our competitors but it is also the easiest program to navigate.

Accessing your account is just like logging in and checking your email; do it at anytime, anywhere, and from any computer with internet connection. If you are on the run, our user friendly website can be accessed through most mobile devices.

Each one of our clients have unlimited storage space for contacts and groups. Make sure you organize your contacts to make your message campaigns more efficient & effective. Example: if you are a Retail store- you may want to have TWO groups; Ladies & Men...

Where do I start? Sample!

Sign Up

Register by choosing one of our affordable packages. The process is quick and easy; you will be able to access your account in less than a minute. Remember, you can change your package at any time.

Log In

Enter your user name and password to login to your account. Follow the process all the way to end and remember to take notes on all the valuable information that has to offer!

Add Contacts

Create group names for your contact storage. There are 3 ways of adding your contacts into your account; manually type in a few numbers, copy and paste from a Word file, or upload a large amount by using an Excel file. Simple!

Send Message

Type your message and send it out to any particular group or maybe even all of them! Unlike our competitors; we use Express delivery when our messages are sent so your customers will receive them in a matter of seconds!